Decorative Palette - Scumble Glaze - Quart
Decorative Palette - Scumble Glaze - Quart This product is single component water based, ALL ACRYLIC, high performance Extender Scumble Glaze. It is specially formulated to meet the conditions and properties required for exterior masonry wall and floor coating. It is a high performance coating that will protect cementitious and other non-resilient substrates from sun rays, humidity wind driven rain and has excellent adhesion including concrete and stucco surfaces.

•Waterborne, safe and easy to handle
•Low odor and V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds)
•UV resistance, outstanding exterior durability, chalk resistance and tint retention.
•Excellent dirt pickup resistance maintains attractive appearance.
•Excellent water and chemical resistance
•Can be colored using Universal Tints

Color: Clear
Resin Type : 100% Acrylic
SHEEN: (60o) Satin( 8-12%)
Percent Solids: 18+/- 2% (vol.)
Coverage: 250 Ft2/US GAL@ 1 Mil DFT
Drying Time: @ 75oF (23oC), 55% RH;Wet open Time: 20-30 Mins; Recoat Time: 24 Hrs
Fully Cured: 7-10 Days
Reducer/Cleanup: Water
Viscosity: 23oC (75oF) Thixotropic, 5000-10000 CP@ 23C(75 F)
V.O.C. (Without water): <350 grams/liter (4.09 lb/gal)
Specific Gravity: 1.02-1.03(Gr./Liter) 8.4-8.6(LB/Gal)
pH: 8-8.5

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September 4, 2015
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