Modern Masters - Metallic Paint - Quart
Modern Masters - Metallic Paint - Quart Modern Masters’ Metallic Paint Collection products are waterbased, non-hazardous and comply with SCAQMD Rule: 1113. Metallic Paint Collection paints combine real metallic particles, mica, and traditional pigments to create the fifty-color palette of beautiful, shimmering colors. This unique approach enables the creation of non-fading, non-tarnishing colors never before available in water based paint.

Application – Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection paints can be brushed, rolled, or spray applied (See specific equipment requirements under Spraying:) onto any paintable, properly primed, interior or exterior surface, such as walls, ceilings, columns, trim, doors, furniture, and paintable wallcoverings. Opaque colors have excellent hide—two coats are recommended for best results. Semi-opaque colors have good hide—three coats are recommended for best results. Sheer colors are meant as translucent overcoats that impart a luster to existing under coats. Always test the product in a small, inconspicuous area before beginning a project to see if the desired results are attained. We recommend preparing a sample board prior to beginning a project to check color and technique. The paint should be mixed thoroughly before using. Do not apply in temperatures below 58°F/14°C or above 85°F/29°C.

Dry Times – Recoat time is approximately ˝ hour. Dry-to-touch time is approximately an hour. (Drying times were recorded at 70°F and 50%RH): Note: Lower temperature and/or higher humidity will lengthen the dry and cure times. Addition of Extender for Rolling will triple the dry time.

Coverage – One gallon/3.78 liters will cover approximately 320 to 400 square feet/29.7 to 37.1 square meters. Approximately 1.5 mils dry film thickness per coat. A minimum of 3 mils dry film thickness is required for hide and full color development. Check label for additional information on color specific hiding and coverage characteristics.



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Modern Masters - Metallic Paint - Quart - Colors
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September 4, 2015
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